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Hill Stations

Far away from the din and bustle of the city life, the Kerala hills draped in green are still waiting to be discovered by the wayfaring tourist. Home to an exotic vegetation and rich wildlife, it is these hills that enrich our kitchens with the internationally famous spices. The cardamoms and cinnamons and pepper and cashews that long ago hypnotized traders from all over the world and drained royal treasures, are the harvests of these hills. If you have already tasted the snow capped magic of the Himalayas and the rugged charm of the Aravallis, it's the turn of the Western Ghats to play on your senses.

Attappady - Hill Station
Located on the north eastern section of the Palakkad district on the northern portion of the state of Kerala, also known as “God's Own Country”, is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala, the beautiful hill station of Attappady. Surrounded by lush green, undulating hills, the beautiful region of Attappady is a definite must visit if you are planning a trip to Kerala.

Idukki - Hill Station
Though shadowed by the fabled beauty of the beaches and backwaters, the hill stations in Kerala on the Western Ghats are the repository of a different kind of wealth displayed in oblivion and irrespective of human interest. Nestled among the low hills of which a large part is a reserve forest, the virgin hill station of Idukki is one of the most popular in Kerala.

Munnar - Hill Station
Green and surrounded by the serenity of spectacular hills, the beautiful hill station redefines nature like never before. A part of “God's Own Country”, Kerala, the beautiful hill station of Munnar is one of the most popular tourist destination of India, drawing a wide variety of people with the lure of her picturesque landscapes. Thus, whether you are a newly wed couple planning a honeymoon in Munnar or just planning a holiday in Munnar with your family, this beautiful district promises to charm!

Pakshipathalam - Hill Station
A trekker's paradise and one of the most uncorrupted hill stations of India, the pristine beauty of the quaint hill station of Pakshipathalam promises to sweep you off you your feet while on a visit to Pakshipathalam. Located around 7 kms to the north eastern portion of Thirunelli, Pakshipathalam can only be reached by trekking. A haven for several rare and exotic species of birds and animals, the lush, green deciduous forests of Pakshipathalam were once the meditating area for countless rishis or saints of ancient India.

Peerumedu - Hill Station
Named after a Sufi saint Peer Mohammed, Peerumedu is blessed with a history that forms one of its most important attractions. Located around 85 km to the east of Kottayam, the weather of Peerumedu is invitingly cool and moist, a perfect excuse for that weekend getaway to Peerumedu. The green slopes of the region are also the perfect place for newly weds to be if they are keen on a honeymoon in Peerumedu. Surrounded by rich plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom, rubber and eucalyptus, the entirety of Peerumedu is enveloped with a fragrance that is heady and delightfully intoxicating!

Silent Valley - Hill Station
One of the prettiest hill stations in India, the Silent Valley is a must visit while planning a trip to Kerala. The Silent Valley is also one of the most important national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of India, with its natural beauty being the perfect background for the comfort of a number of rare species of flora and fauna. Much of the natural charm of the Silent Valley is still well preserved today, with the scenic landscape of the Valley also being home to a number of aboriginal tribes mainly led by the Kurumbar Tribes, who make the tour to the Silent Valley even more special by their rustic charm.

Vagamon - Hill Station
At an altitude of 1100 m and 65 km from Idukki district and 60 km from Kottayam Vagamon made up of the Thangal hills, the Kurisumala and the Murugan hills. Perched high among green tea plantations and gurgling streams, Vagamon or Wagamon ensures an exhilarating and soothing haven for trekkers and hikers. Strolling through he nature walks in Vagamon, you might come across elephants frolicking in pools juts like that. With a rich and varied range of flora and fauna Vagamon is ideal for all those seeking a travel experience with a difference.

Wayanad - Hill Station
Wayanad is located on the summit of the Deccan Plateau on its southern side with the Western Ghats running through it. Blessed by nature with lush, tropical forests, undulating slopes through which a number of smooth flowing rivers run across and a climate that promises to charm, the serene hill station of Wayanad remains even today uncorrupted by modernity and thus, is generally regarded to be one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. A definite must-visit while on a holiday in Kerala.

Devikulam - Hill Station
Located 16 km south west of Munnar at an altitude of 1800 m, Devikulam meaning the lake of the goddess, derived its name from the goddess Sita . Legend has it that Sita and her husband lord Rama , from the Ramayana , came down to frolic in the mountain lake here. That lake has been christened Sitadevi Lake after the goddess. The emerald waters of the lake hidden behind green slopes, gives you reason enough to believe and know why the goddess chose this place of many others- she must have mistaken it for heaven.

Malampuzha - Hill Station
Home to several tourist attractions, it is hardly surprising that the quaint hill station of Malampuzha is today one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. If you are planning a holiday in Malampuzha, make sure you visit the following tourist attractions of Malampuzha.

Nelliyampathy - Hill Station
Known for its rich plantations of spices and coffee as well as its rich evergreen forests, Nelliyampathy is a heady mix that is sure to please all the tourists to this beautiful land. As waterfalls cascade through the majestic slopes of the Sahya Ranges and mesmerize you while you travel amidst the rustling leaves scattered throughout this beautiful land, be ready to be swept off your feet by the magical charm of Nelliyampathy, perhaps the loveliest of the un-spoilt hill stations of Kerala.

Palakkad - Hill Station
Rich in history and blessed with a natural beauty that is hard to replicate, the quaint hill station of Palakkad remains, even today, uncorrupted by the advent of modernity. Palakkad is an important hill station of Kerala and a must visit while planning a tour to Kerala. Once considered to be the stronghold of the Marathas, this picturesque district is even today one of the most important districts of Kerala being home to what can be arguably referred to as the largest mountain pass in the world in terms of area. It is also one of the leading influences in the arena of plantation in Kerala, with its soft, green undulating slopes yielding some of the richest plantations of spices like cardamoms and cloves as well as coffee and tea. Thus, if you are planning a trip to Kerala, make sure you consider a visit to Palakkad as an important part of your tour itinerary.

Ponmudi - Hill Station
Rolling at an altitude of 610 m, Ponmudi (meaning the Golden Peak in Malayalam) is the least haunted by tourists and therefore the most peaceful of all Kerala hill stations. Embellished with rapids flowing over the road, and misty peaks thronged by an exotic vegetation, Ponmudi is a hiker's and trekker's paradise. At a distance of 61 km (1 ½ hrs drive) from Thiruvanthapuram, Ponmudi offers to soothe your work worn mind and body to rejuvenation. Hike through the slopes of tea gardens to watch the pickers at work or fish in the emerald waters of the Kallar River to make the most of Ponmudi.

Topstation - Hill Station
The idyllic hill station of Topstation is located at a distance of about 32 km from Munnar, on the Munnar-Kodaikanal Road in Kerala. This fascinating hill resort, as its unusual name suggests, is one of the top hill stations in Kerala. Lying at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level, Topstation marks the highest point on the Munnar-Kodaikanal Road.

Vythiri - Hill Station
Imagine walking around soft undulating hills, surrounded by lush green plantations in a weather that is wet, cool and a perfect complement to the pristine ambience all around. Welcome to the Wayanad district of Kerala, a must visit while on a tour to “God's Own Country”! If you are planning a holiday in Kerala, make sure you include a trip to Vythiri, a beautiful hill resort tucked away amidst the green slopes of the Western Ghats in Wayanad.

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